Dictionary (junior)

Abu Darda, may Allah be pleased with him said: ”I heard Prophet (ﷺ) saying: "Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.

lego, kettle

piggy bank or money box, pajamas or trousers

bone, scarf

honey or honey stick, prayer rug

heart, tasbih

pyramid, pharaoh

pigeon or bird, bicycle bell

eiffel tower smiley

desk lamp, cloud (s)

clogs, shirt or blouse

screw top or drill, carrot or carrot

remote control or remote control, ant

panda bear, grasshopper

mosquito or fly, cat or cat

tablet or ipad, stork

shoe, water ice or ice

crocodile, strawberry

horseshoe, mountain

egg or eggs, rainbow

rabbit or hare, zebra

locomotive or steam train, die

igloo, ice-skate

volcano or volcano eruption, snowman

goat or buck, umbrella

dog bat

foot, pinecone

snail, polar bear

hedgehog, acorn

rubik, sword

whatsapp, heartbeat

iron or steam iron, nest

tadpole, netflix

painter‘s donkey or donkey, leaf

flower, caterpillar

frog, chick

pinterest, giraffe

twitter, kiwi

fountain pen, beehive

meerkat, on / off button or power button, power button

ark (boat) 950 years that Prophet Nuh (as) lived.

nail file, box

cradle, watermelon

sunflower or flowerpot, corn

door, paprika

lion aquarium

broccoli, pocketknife

seal, blackberry

cauliflower, guinea pig

swan, socks

boots or rain boots, vase

house, bucket

arrow, pastry

ax or hatchet, belt

cap or cap, send

crane, bricklaying or brick

mouse, bus

parrot, sewing machine

tree house, olives

campfire or fire, football or ball

crab, tie or badger

mirror, usb stick

the letter "alif", dentition

horse or show jumper, crown

laptop, dollars or bills

spear, armor

pebbles, knight

compass, flamingo

plus, rose

fan, leaves

fist, mc donalds

sheep letter "tea"

rope, walnut

letter "be", cupcake

water wave or wave, well

letter "fe", question mark

letter "lem", butter cheese and eggs

camel, digit 2

photo camera or camera, bull

grass or shrub, digit 9

palm tree, number 8

scales, boomerang

planet keyboard

knife, rocket

laundry basket or basket, baby

iceberg, dalmatian

the earth or globe, lightning

donkey letter "ye"

geo-triangle, octopus

spin, snapshot

diamond, hot air balloon

brush, bumper car or go-kart

swimming goggles or goggles, star

wall, shell

alarm clock or clock, pheasant

statue of liberty, palace

otter, joystick

bot, chess

pencil, ninja

house, tarantula

book, batman

catapult, seahorse

euro or euro sign, leopard

needle or needle and thread, button

laugh, level

tape measure, infinity

letter "te", eskimo

tape or tape dispenser, bow and arrow

eyelash, crane

rocking horse, pacifier

skateboard, slide

triangle, candy cane

apple, tow-truck

snapchat dinosaur

toothpaste or toothbrush, captain hook

dragon, treasure map or land map

cannon, owl

eye patch, hamburger

letter "jim", headphones

vacuum cleaner, pony or horse

peacock, lizard

toucan, gorilla

bicycle pump, screwdriver

horn, tank

bow, nails

candle, tricycle

farm, duck

bridge, koala bear

ray, kangaroo

digit 1, ship or boat

hippo birdhouse

straws, lolly

puzzle chair

table, hammer

backpack, croissant

pizza or pizza slice, donuts

baguette clock

wheelchair, saw

because, rolling pin

dollar sign, stethoscope

letter "gha", skeleton

prick, syringe or injection needle, patch

thermometer, pills

film camera or camera, tennis racket

torch, cup

youtube, tortoise

starfish, steering wheel or rudder

sunglasses or glasses, anchor

cherry or cherries, pear or pears

skype, jeep

basketball, stroopwafel

letter "sad", digit 3

palm tree, helicopter

traffic light, kite

saddle, pedals

toilet or toilet bowl, magnifying glass

magnet, plug

telescope, feather

robot, watering can

flowerpot, wheelbarrow

secateurs, parasol

rake, parachute

number 6, letter "mim"

flashing light, pedestrian crossing

ambulance, motorcycle

windmill, jerry can

flashlight, caravan

wigwam, melon

number 7 letter "chaff"

castle, tower

tree, sun

letter "vow", candy

wolf, toll, spinning top

car, letterbox

zeppelin, flower

step, flowerpot

eye, index finger

ring, satelite

spider web, wasp or bee

hand, crow

pawn, beetle

central heating radiator, chicken

trunk, cow

brain, pineapple

elephant pen

fork, whale

iphone or mobile, ostrich

cobra or snake, unicorn or pony

hijaab, kabah

mosque, takbeer or pray

hyena, rukuh or pray

tagine, sujud or pray

spoon, lemon

baloon, saucer and cup

drone, zipper

bicycle, baseball

meteorite or comet, bull

butterfly, tomato

mustache, banana

bathtub or bathtub, stamp

bunch of grapes or grape, envelope